CEO Message

Sun Ridge Residential Inc. is a Saskatoon-based company founded in 1981 by Keith Hanson, P.Eng.

Sun Ridge was created in 1981 to provide support for housing and housing related initiatives. Our interests include energy conservation, housing affordability, development and implementation of housing technology, human resource development within the housing sector and policy development.

Sun Ridge is an equal opportunity employer based in Saskatchewan & operating throughout Western Canada. We are engaged as a service provider for multiple energy-efficiency & environmental housing programs and have been nationally recognized for our technical, administrative proficiency as well as excellence in customer service.

Sun Ridge is a strong supporter of technical evolution in the construction of new housing and has been involved in many leading edge development and demonstration programs related to energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

Sun Ridge also employs its expertise to provide project management services for a variety of clients in the private, non-profit and government sectors.

With our large staff of professionals, Sun Ridge welcomes the opportunity to provide our customers with excellent service and expert solutions, which has enabled us to become the outstanding company we are today.

Best Regards,


Keith Hanson, P.Eng.
President and CEO
Sun Ridge Residential Inc.