Our Team

We are a team of housing science experts and we are one of Canada’s authorities on housing science and energy efficiency.

Energy Advisors

Keith Weber

Licensed Energy Advisor
Office: 800-667-3700
Email: keith.weber@sunridgegroup.ca

Matt Renfree C.E.T.

Licensed Energy Advisor
Office: 800-667-3700
Email: matt.renfree@sunridgegroup.ca

Brad Gifford

Licensed Energy Advisor
Office: 306-665-2525
Email: brad.gifford@sunridgegroup.ca

Chelsah Thomas

Sol Invictus Energy Services
Office: 403-872-2441
Email: sol.invictus@sunridgegroup.ca


Keith Hanson P.Eng.

President and CEO
Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 114
Email: keith.hanson@sunridgegroup.ca

Darcy Bzdel B.Sc., Mech.Eng.

Director of Technical Services
Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 122
Email: darcy.bzdel@sunridgegroup.ca

Dave Fetsch P.Eng.

Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 112
Email: dave.fetsch@sunridgegroup.ca

Jeff Paton

District Coordinator - Edmonton
Office: 780-907-2778
Email: jeff.paton@sunridgegroup.ca

Valerie Sutton

Projects & Research Manager
Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 126
Email: val.sutton@sunridgegroup.ca