What We Do

When Sun Ridge uses the term "housing science", we mean every component of the home working together to create a healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient living environment. For us, this includes everything from air leakage & insulation to ventilation & moisture control.

Our task is to share the importance of this knowledge with responsible builders and homeowners, so they can build the best homes possible. It means a healthier place to live, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and lower costs of ownership.

Proper housing science can be complex, so sometimes it gets taken for granted. Our on-site testing, technical consultations, software analysis, and energy efficiency ratings are the best way to make that complexity a little bit more understandable. We can actually show you how your home is operating.

We Bring Over 35 Years of Experience

Our industry understands the "House as a System", and it's a concept that Sun Ridge helped to define many years ago as part of the original R-2000 program. Initially as a homebuilder, and evolving into an industry consultant, it feels like we've been engaged in housing science since long before the words even existed for energy-efficiency and environmental footprint.

In that time, we've helped over a thousand professional homebuilders and over seventy thousand private homeowners improve the performance and value of their homes. There have been a lot of changes in the industry over the years, but the foundations of strong housing science stay the same.

Based on decades of real-life experience, we know that housing science makes a difference. That's why we choose to work alongside the professional builders striving to be leaders in residential construction.

We Can Help You Save

The Sun Ridge team of expert advisors takes pride in their role as one of Canada's leading authorities on housing science and energy efficiency. Maybe someday we'll actually tally up the thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that our homebuilders and homeowners have saved.

Until then, just remember that Sun Ridge is here to help you improve the efficiency, performance, and value of your homes. We look forward to meeting with you.