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If you have any questions about our programs and services throughout Western Canada, please contact Sun Ridge head office in Saskatoon.

Keith Hanson (P.Eng)

President and CEO
Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 114
Email: keith.hanson@sunridgegroup.ca

Dave Fetsch (P.Eng)

Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 112
Email: dave.fetsch@sunridgegroup.ca

Darcy Bzdel (B.Sc., Mech.Eng.)

Director of Technical Services
Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 122
Email: darcy.bzdel@sunridgegroup.ca

Kent Mohn

Vice-President - Operations
Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 125
Email: kent.mohn@sunridgegroup.ca

Valerie Sutton

Projects & Research Manager
Office: 306-665-2525 ext, 126
Email: val.sutton@sunridgegroup.ca

Tim Wilson

Network Administrator
Office: 306-665-2525 ext. 132
Email: tim.wilson@sunridgegroup.ca

Jeff Paton

District Coordinator - Edmonton
Office: 780-907-2778
Email: jeff.paton@sunridgegroup.ca

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2308 Arlington Ave, Saskatoon, SK
Saskatoon & Area: 306-665-2525
AB, SK, MB: 800-667-3700
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  • Canadian Home Builders' Association - Edmonton Region
  • Regina and Region Home Builders' Association
  • Energy Star
  • LEED Canada
  • R-2000
  • Affordable New Home Development Foundation