9.36 Compliance for Home Builders

Energy efficiency requirements under Section 9.36 of the National Building Code and/or Alberta Building Code apply to all new homes in Canada. Choose the right compliance path for your homes.

Home builder on site with plans

Sun Ridge is an experienced authority in all 9.36 Compliance methods. Professional builders count on our energy advisor team to navigate the details of the energy code, maximize efficient design, and eliminate costly permit delays.

Performance Path

For most builders, the Performance Path for 9.36 Compliance combines the greatest flexibility and lowest capital construction costs. With energy analysis software, builders show that the specifications of their proposed home design will “perform” at a more efficient level than a comparable code-defined reference house.

The Performance Path is generally recommended for builders whose primary concerns are reduced construction costs, and flexibility in design.

Prescriptive Path

Builders interested in streamlining large volume production may prefer the Prescriptive Path for 9.36 Compliance. By adhering to a “prescribed” set of energy requirements for wall assemblies, mechanical systems, and fenestration, builders verify that all components of their house meet the minimum standard of the National/Alberta Building Code.

The Prescriptive Path is generally recommended for larger volume builders whose primary concern is consistency of building specifications across multiple project sites.