Energy Ratings & Labels

Professional builders are energy-efficient builders. Choose the best energy label for your homebuyers.

EnerGuide Rating System logo

EnerGuide Rating System (ERS)

The quantitative ERS measurement calculates a home’s total energy consumption in GigaJoules (GJ). The standardised ERS scale is the basis for all energy labeling programs, and is regulated by Natural Resources Canada. This calculated rating factors in all construction elements related to energy use, and also includes an energy comparison to the National Building Code. The ERS label is expected to be a mandatory requirement for newly constructed homes by 2019.

The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. Used with permission.

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Net Zero & Net Zero-Ready Homes

Net Zero & Net Zero-Ready are the ultra-efficiency programs for energy consumption established by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. Net-Zero Homes include high performance thermal assemblies & mechanical systems, in addition to provisions for renewable energy such as solar panels or wind turbines.

Energy Star Qualified Homes Canada logo

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes

ENERGY STAR is the internationally recognized program for high-performance residential energy efficiency. The prescriptive construction standard is established by Natural Resources Canada, ensuring that participating homes are 20-25% more efficient than standard construction.

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Built Green Canada

Built Green is an industry-based certification program for environmental responsibility in construction. This national program includes performance tiers for elements such as energy-efficiency, green design, waste reduction, etc.

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R-2000 Standard

R-2000 is the original high-efficiency and air quality standard first introduced by Natural Resources Canada more than 35 years ago. Specialised builder training ensures that R-2000 homes are at least 50% more efficient than standard construction.