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Primary services

Energy Ratings & Certification Labels
As a homebuilding professional, you understand the importance of standardized energy labels both for quality assurance and consumer satisfaction.

We work with you to analyze your current plans, and assist with potential modifications to best achieve your desired performance rating level.

There are a variety of rating and labeling programs to suit your specific needs, including the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS), ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH), R-2000, LEED-Canada for Homes, Net Zero Energy Labelling (NZE), etc. Find out more about Sun Ridge’s Energy Rating Labels.

On-Site Performance Testing
Quality Assurance testing during construction is essential for maintaining a high performance standard.  Catch the problems before they’re hidden behind drywall and exterior finish.

You can take advantage of on-site testing services including Air-Leakage & Vapour Barrier Testing, Thermographic Imaging, and Exterior Moisture Barrier Inspections.


Secondary services

Training & Education
Housing Science courses and workshops are available for builders and your professional tradespeople.  Industry standards suggest continuing education training every six months to stay on top of the latest developments in technology, building practices, and code changes.

Develop Custom Standards
As a home builder, your unique business goals may include designing homes to meet your own specific standards for quality.   At Sun Ridge, we can work with you to develop several options for energy efficiency that you can pass along to home owners.

Since most home buyers opt for environmental and energy saving upgrades when given the option, the establishment of different energy performance levels can be an effective sales tool.

Marketing & Sales Resources
If you choose to work with Sun Ridge to rate and/or label your homes, we can also provide you with the marketing and educational materials for your customers.  They will be better equipped to make informed decisions and understand the added quality of your product.

Additionally, we can also work with your Sales and Marketing team to educate them on the trends, benefits and selling features of environmental housing.



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