On-Site Performance Testing

Sun Ridge’s housing science specialists are valuable on-site partners in your construction team.

Recording heat loss outside a house

Air-Leakage & Vapour Barrier Testing

The best practice for the reduction of air-leakage is to conduct full-house depressurization testing at various stages of construction.Sun Ridge recommends that professional builders conduct testing at both pre-drywall and pre-occupancy.

This allows the builder and trades to locate & immediately address air leakage locations on-site. It’s key to ensuring a tight interior envelope & vapour barrier.

Thermographic Imaging

Trained advisors provide thermographic (infrared) analysis of wall assemblies and insulation cavities according to ASTM technical standards. Particularly when combined with depressurization testing, thermography is an excellent tool for identifying insulation voids and thermal bridging.

The challenge of thermography is accurately interpreting the thermographic images. Sun Ridge’s trained team bring years of experience and know how to spot the tiny details in your wall systems.

Exterior Moisture Barrier Inspections

The single largest home warranty issue for professional home builders is damage caused by exterior water penetration. A professional assessment of barrier design and on-site installation helps to ensure protection from rain, snow, and exterior moisture.

Our goal is to help builders catch minor moisture barrier flaws before they turn into major water damage.