Training & Consultant Services

Stay on top of industry developments, practices, and technology. Sun Ridge training and workshops provide your team with the right housing science tools & knowledge.

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Energy Code Changes & Compliance

Prepare now for upcoming code cycles, energy step codes, and other local & national regulations. Sun Ridge works in partnership with builders, industry stakeholders, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction to not only anticipate the future, but also find ways to implement changes as smoothly as possible.

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MLI Select Consultations & Testing

An innovative new multi-unit mortage loan insurance product, MLI Select uses a point system to offer incentives based on affordability, energy efficiency, and accessibility. If you wish to learn more about MLI Select and how the incentives work, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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High Performance Building Practices & Standards

Your team can be an industry leader in housing science. Practical on-site and classroom sessions cover core housing science principles: heat flow, moisture control, air-tightness, fenestration, etc.

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Technology & Innovation

Learn about the integration of high-performance technology into your construction, especially related to mechanical/ventilation systems, thermal assemblies, and renewable energy components.

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Marketing & Sales Resources

Concrete, proven communication tools will help real homebuyers understand the value of high-performance housing science. Learn how environmental responsibility and monthly financial savings motivate homebuyers today.

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